TBT: College Dropout

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye…

This week Kanye West released his 6th solo album entitled “Yeezus” in which he strips his music of everything we expect to find in a Kanye West album.  He relies heavily on drum beats and vocals while incorporating elements of the trendy EDM genre to provide his audience with a cathartic purging of his sins.  “Yeezus” is a far cry from “College Dropout” and I’m not sure whether or not I love or hate his latest project.  Is Kanye’s ever-present self-awareness endearing or disgusting in light of his borderline depraved behavior? I am a fan of Kanye’s overall contribution to hip-hop, but you know what shit I don’t like? He features Chief Keef, an artist I can’t get down with, in the song “Hold My Liquor.” On the off-chance he reads this and I end up in a ditch somewhere in Dorchester, please note that I have no other quick-trigger enemies and it is Mr. Keef who shot me.  I understand Kanye wants to represent and elevate Chicago’s MCs, but in my opinion Chief Keef is everything that is wrong with hip-hop.  He has risen to national prominence but for all the wrong reasons and doesn’t seem to realize that his music is for public consumption.  His message is one of violence and anti-social behavior but it isn’t being done in an intelligent, socially conscious manner.  Chicago’s murder-rate is through the roof right now and the last thing that city needs is to glorify a teenager who is smack down in the middle of the muck and mire.  But maybe Kanye recognizes all of this and is featuring Chief Keef to highlight the ongoing conflicts in inner-city Chicago.  As with everything Kanye does, there always seems to be an ulterior motive, let’s just hope this one was done with good intentions.  But enough already.  Kanye West is a musical genius who has given his life to the industry and today, the day on which you might first listen to “Yeezus,” I’d like to remind you of a younger, less jaded, less-complicated Kanye West.  I miss this Kanye.


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