TBT: Pedro ’99 All Star Game

Sticking with the theme of picking All-Star teams and the game itself on the horizon for this upcoming Tuesday, here what is without a doubt my personal all-time favorite moment. Granted this is a giant homer pick with a huge pregame ceremony culminating in Teddy Ballgame’s dramatic entrance from the bullpen and the game itself being played at Fenway. More than that, it features, in my opinion, the most dominant starting pitcher of our generation. There are without a doubt others in the debate, but my money’s on Pedro Martinez and will be every time. It’s no secret that I have a huge man crush on Pedro, but just like that shitty TV show on ESPN, numbers never lie. From 1997-2003 (a span of seven seasons) there was only one year in which he did not post an ERA below 2.40. You’ll have to forgive him for his dreadful ’98 season when he had the astronomical ERA of 2.89. In these seven seasons, Pedro compiled over 300 K’s twice, won three Cy Young awards, and got absolutely robbed of what should have been an MVP award in ’99. Speaking of ’99, that brings us right back to the clip above. The game’s MVP that year became the first and only pitcher to strike out the side to start an All-Star Game. He then proceeded to strike out two more the next inning. To add to the legend of this man, this was right after the classic home run race of ’98 featuring Slammin’ Sammy and Big Mac. Steroids be damned, both were a part of the Boston Massacre that Pedro laid down in those first two innings that evening. This game and this moment was electric. Will another pitcher ever be able to duplicate a performance like this? Pedro ain’t walking through that door.

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