Dear Danny Ainge,

Thank you. You see, I’ve been a Celtics fan since the days I thought Todd Day was a good basketball player. I rooted for Dino Radja. I cheered for Vitale Potapenko and Tony Battie. I was obsessed with Dana Barros. I dreamed on Kedrick Brown. I even talked myself into Mark Blount’s expanding midrange game.  (Side note – as I was searching for Vitale Potapenko highlights on youtube, here is a list of suggestions I was provided before typing in the k in “Potapenko”:

Vitale P —> Vitale pranks, pro, pronunciation, pizza, pasta

Vitale Po —> Vitale pro hair relaxer, and bunch of other beauty products

Vitale Pot —> Laura Vitale potatoes, potato salad, potato soup

Then Laura Vitale dominates until we get…

Vitale Potape … Youtube has nothing

Vitale Potapen … still nothing…

Vitale Potapenk —> Oh we get it! Vitale Potapenko!!! Remember that time Potapenko dropped 8 points on the Bulls? This has me almost as excited as that time Kedrick Brown really made me think he was going to be providing highlights like this for an entire decade and not just one time.





Side bar over. Being a young Celtics fan was tough, but I wasn’t born until 1989, so I didn’t really understand how special our franchise is until my teenage years and therefore didn’t know how tough it was for those we knew what the other side looked like.  To be honest, I didn’t really understand the Tim Duncan draft travesty until around the time the Walker Wiggle went out of style.  But you, Danny, took over, back when you could grow your own hair, and brought us Banner 17, and then somehow turned our aging Big Three into future top 5 picks.  These past 24 hours have been some of the most exciting moments I’ve had as a fan just thinking about all of the possibilities now that we know Markelle Fultz is ours.  And knowing you Danny, I know you are exploring all possible trade options, and yes Jimmy Butler or Paul George could be nice, and there are some out there who think we could trade down with say Phili, and snag Saric and #3 for #1, but I ask you to consider one you may not think is likely: Go get Anthony Davis! Scoff at my suggestion? Let’s think this over.

  1. What is New Orleans current plan?
    1. Build around Davis and Boogie in a league in which the twin tower model seems unsustainable despite their seemingly complementary skillsets. This could work just because of the talent, but they have NOTHING around them. I mean, the rest of their roster (minus Holiday) might not even compete for the final roster spot on the Washington Wizards. So, even if Davis and Cousins mesh, they don’t have the surrounding talent to help them contend.  And let’s face it, I don’t think many Free Agents are giving the Pellies a meeting. This doesn’t seem like a very promising future to me, and if I, an aspiring rapper and internet blogger can see this, why can’t the Pellies?
  2. What could we offer?
    1. A future the Pellies could sell to their fanbase.
      1. As we have seen in Philadelphia, promising your fanbase brighter days buys you time and eases tensions that come with underachieving despite high-level talent. So ask yourself: would you believe in a future that was led by say Markelle Fultz, Avery Bradley, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Demarcus Cousins? That sounds pretty good to me.
  3. Why it works for us
    1. Yes, we are giving up A LOT for Davis, but he’s a top 10, maybe top 5 player in the league and we have him locked up for 4 more years. So let’s take a look at what we’d be left with:
      1. Starting 5: IT, Marcus, Hayward, Horford, and Davis
      2. Next 5: Crowder, Olynyk, Yabusele, Zicic, Jackson
    2. Oh yeah, I’m assuming in this scenario Gordon Hayward is coming to Boston. Not guaranteed, but if we get Davis, then I’m choosing Boston and Stevens over Utah any day of the week.
    3. We still have Brooklyn 2018, and potentially 3 first round picks in 2019.
    4. Horford and IT are on win-now timelines and this trade (plus Hayward) puts us as favorites to knock off Lebron and gives us the talent to contend with Golden State.
  4. Why it’s risky
    1. Fultz could be special
    2. Isaiah might decline
    3. Davis is injury prone
    4. Just signing Hayward and bringing in Fultz, Gershon and Zicic might be enough to contend anyways
    5. Lebron is Lebron….(starting to talk myself out of it already so I need to stop this list)
  5. Why that doesn’t matter
    1. What is this franchise about? Banners. IT, Marcus, Hayward, Davis, and Horford can compete with anyone in the league and we tend to overvalue our own assets. Also, 2018’s Brooklyn pick is a great insurance policy in case we cannot resign Isaiah, so although it would suck to lose Fultz, we at least know we can get another Fultz-type next year while also legitimately contending in 2018.

But hey. Even if you stay the course, I love the direction we are heading.  You’ve given me and my friends so much to talk about, to bond over, and to hope for since you took over as GM, and it looks like we are built to contend far into the future.

Thanks for KG. Thanks for Ray Ray. Thanks for IT. Thanks for Brad. And thanks for exploiting an incompetent Russian billionaire.


The kid who outcoached you in the Brookline summer league.


PS. I totally talked myself out of the trade. Just sign Hayward and I’ll be happy.

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