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Ted Barry is a journalism graduate of UMass and a lifelong Boston sports fan. He has loved to write since middle school, when his many detentions involved writing stories of what he did wrong – a torture chamber for most 13-year-olds but an open door for Ted. He has interned with Comcast SportsNet New England in the Celtics Production Department, and as a result can say he’s witnessed a live, uncensored Tommy Heinsohn commentary of a Celtics playoff game. While at school in Amherst, he co-created and co-produced the pioneering sports talk show Around the Valley with Will Weir, where he discovered his knack for not being on TV, but honed his production skills. Ted thinks Bob Ryan is the best sportswriter in the country, but wishes he could be Bill Simmons, minus the squeaky voice. Follow him on Twitter @TedBarry617

Will Weir is a passionate sports fan, which stems from his upbringing in Boston, MA. A lifelong Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox fan, he is always checking for the next breaking story, trade, or updated score on his favorite teams. He worked as a college sports broadcaster for DIII Bridgewater State University Football and Basketball games during his time at BSU. He then co-produced, edited, directed, and hosted the critically acclaimed Around the Valley television program that aired weekly with a rotating group of panelists to discuss the most pertinent sports topics each week. He is a die hard sports fan who enjoys being able to debate and share his views on the sports world. Read up and enjoy! Follow him on Twitter @WillBon13

Maneikis is the ultimate source for basketball analysis who won’t get you lost in advanced statistics. This Boston College English Major is proud to be a founding member of Bucking Aikman, your one-stop shop for a unique perspective on all things sports and popular culture. He is a die-hard Boston sports fan (except he can’t take the NHL seriously) but sees the sports world without the typical “Heinsohn bias.” He has spent the last few years coaching basketball for A Step Ahead Basketball, teaching English, and writing creatively – from short stories and murder mystery novels to hip-hop music. Most people think he’s a strange dude due to his renaissance approach to society, but all you need to know is this: he loves the endless possibilities that a blank sheet of paper represents and he hopes to fill more than a few for all of our readers. Follow him on Twitter @miniminoe and check out his music Facebook at facebook.com/DNAtheG

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